Effective Purchasing and Contract Negotiation


The ability to negotiate is one of the basic commercial business requirements yet it is often delegated to those least able to produce an effective outcome. The impact of poor negotiation is therefore felt throughout an organization and has an immediate negative effect on company profitability.

This MBS Effective Purchasing and Contract Negotiation Strategies service will provide practical, experience based guidance in planning and conducting a successful negotiation and identifies on an organization or individual basis the key competencies and skills required to emerge on the winning side Read more

MBS Focuses on

  • Each day involves an organization in a specific negotiating scenario
  • The focus is upon achieving a "win-win" outcome but recognizes that all negotiation are not conducted with this result in mind
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  • The Importance of Planning in Successful Negotiations
  • Approaches in Negotiations
  • Standards of Ethics
  • The Importance of Determining, Rating, and Valuing the Issues in a Negotiation
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Services Methodologies

Organizations benefit from a combination of instructional methods including lecture by an experienced practitioners and consultants, exercises, negotiation of model cases, and group discussions covering current practices and their relationship to the implementation of concepts and techniques implemented Read more


Moving from an agreement on business terms with a supplier to a signed contract requires special skill. If not managed effectively, the process can drag on for weeks or months. And the longer it takes to finalize the contract, the longer it will take your business to realize that contract’s value and benefits Read more

Contract Driven Approach

In addition to providing contracting support, we maintain our clients’ contract repository, contract loading and data entry. Besides, we track overdues, renewals and rebates, and manage contract compliance and reporting. As part of our unified procurement platform, Read more

Contracting and Contract Management

Getting a contract finalized is a long and laborious task — and the longer it drags on, the longer it takes your enterprise to actually realize the value secured by the negotiations. With each passing day, you lose out on more benefits and savings Read more

Supplier Market Intelligence

Access to accurate information at the right moments is crucial in sourcing, and can give your business a significant competitive advantage. Not having it, on the other hand, is a good way to jeopardize the stability of your whole business Read more

Category Planning

A clear, solid process for planning and budgeting forms the base for opportunity assessment and risk management, which is especially vital for commodities like raw materials that are subject to unpredictable market factors Read more

Supplier Performance Management

The modern supply chain landscape is more complicated than ever and navigating it well requires highly developed expertise. Vendor dependence has increased with companies struggling to absorb, and recover from, Read more

Saving Compliance Control

You can’t fix what you can’t control. And what cannot be measured cannot be controlled. And measurement is made incredibly difficult by countless categories, subcategories, assumptions, and savings formulae — further complicated by limited influence over end users and limited view into contract compliance Read more

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

A big factor distinguishing MBS’ category management services from those of our competitors is our timeless, tireless commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. At MBS, unselfish category experience, strategic sourcing best practices and process Read more

Tail-Spend Management

This may sound counterintuitive, but tail spend actually offers enterprises one of the largest incremental savings opportunities available. Even more surprisingly, a tally of individual spend on all suppliers in a tail just might reveal that the tail is the business’s biggest supplier Read more

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