Effective inventory management is all about knowing what you have, where it’s stocked, and how much you’ll need. Easier said than done though. That is where MBS brings value.

MBS uses a multi-Tier (xyz) approach toward inventory management to enable today’s global, inter-connected business operations prevent stock-outs and improve supply efficiency.

With about ten years of experience in managing inventory for tens of market-leading companies across the nationwide or globe at large thru partnering with reputable inventory optimization firms, MBS helps clients streamline their inventory through hands-on job and best-in-class processes and highly efficient tools Read more


When it comes to optimizing inventory management, the questions are many: What is the right level of inventory? At what point in the supply chain? How do I know what is optimal? Read more


Why the focus on supply chain-inventory data management? Because today’s information-driven supply chains are, in large part, data dependent. Companies that fail to properly track and manage supply chain data Read more


MBS offers a comprehensive portfolio of supply chain outsourcing services that help companies drive more value across the enterprise. Whether it’s improving stock holding and delivery through better supply planning Read more


What separates market-leading companies from the rest is their ability to not just read the current market trends but also foresee the future and plan for it. Forecasting drives all strategic and planning decisions Read more


Technology enterprises can evolve with incredible speed — the rapid adoption of new, paradigm-busting technology can challenge tried-and-true business models and competitive structures in a flash Read more

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