A sale by auction is a public sale where various intending buyers offer bids for the goods and try to outbid each other. Ultimately, the goods are sold to the highest bidder. An auction sale is complete when the auctioneer announces its completion by the fall of the hammer or in other customary manner. The property in the goods thus passes on the fall of the hammer; until the fall of the hammer the bidder has the right to revoke his/her bid. The auctioneer is, generally not the seller but, the agent of the real owner of the goods. Auctioneer is engaged to conduct the auction and his/her relationship with the seller is governed by the law of agency.

We are reliable dealers in proving all sets of auctions such as closed and open tending and or direct offer. We get into long and short terms partnership with big investors locally and internationally. We do analyze all data and put into auction sale speak before list is sent out to market.

Our Services for Auction Sales focus on;

  • Facilitating online tenders
  • Fraud mitigations and make it more transparency to every bidder
  • We are bidders choice
  • Examining and cataloguing data for our clients
  • We offer most competitive commissions to our clients
  • Provide logistics services for the buyers
  • Big of all, we look market for our clients just give us the work just will do it for you
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Auction Design & Implementation

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Bidder Support in Auctions

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Market Design

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