Best Practices for Optimizing Warehouse Safety

Keep Warehouse Workers Injury Free!

A safe, orderly, efficient warehouse is a key to a successful operation. The warehouse plays an essential role in the way goods are sent, received, stored, and circulated throughout the facility. With so much going on and so much to keep track of, a warehouse may also have more potential for accidents than areas with more limited functions. So, it's especially important to pay close attention to safety in the warehouse.

In this MBS training service on Best Practices for Optimizing Warehouse Safety, we're going to review some of the potential warehouse hazards and ways we reduce risks. There are so many areas to cover that we can't cover every single detail on remotely are here therefore recommending hands-on job training. The purpose of this MBS safety training is to get your organization to look at the warehouse with safety in mind—so that you staffs are always alert to the hazards and always do what's necessary to prevent accidents.

MBS training course covers various aspects of safety in warehouses including:

  • Safety around forklifts and high traffic areas
  • Safe storage practices
  • Fire safety principles
  • Working at heights
  • General principles of risk management
  • Responding to incidents
  • Duties of employers and employees
  • Safe working Systems
  • Recognizing hazards in the warehouse
  • The types of dangers in warehousing
  • Racking systems and the hazards
  • Safe Working Loads
  • Reporting incidents and accidents
  • Recognizing Chemical Awareness labelling
  • Legislative compliance
  • Warehouse Safety Awareness skills
  • Accident Awareness & Prevention
  • Basic Risk Assessment Principles
  • Improved Operational Health & Safety

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