Data Management, Security and Warehousing

This MBS Data Management, Security and supply chain service is designed for professionals and companies that want to take the full advantage of Big Data thrive. As the Big Data phenomenon appeared the companies are relying more and more on adequate Data Analytics and Data Science to properly plan, prepare, react to the business challenges, as well as to innovate the way they are conducting their business and increase the level of service to their customers while at the same time reduce costs and streamline their processes. It has become so widespread that the term Industrial data enrichment and systems management become household names.

With Big Data comes the challenge of data management, as just having the data does not suffice, the Data Management is defined as an administrative process that includes acquiring, validating, storing, protecting, and processing required data to ensure the accessibility, reliability, and timeliness of the data for its users. The MBS focuses on the need to properly manage data as in the era of big data enrichment, a wide variety of data warehousing and security solutions exist, ad choosing the right approach is the most difficult decision the companies need to make fortunately MBS is readily available for you. Read more

MBS Focuses
  • Operational vs. Decision Support Systems
  • Strategic Information from the Data and systems
  • Significance of Data Management in Big Data era
  • Data Security Strategies for Next Generation Data
  • Codification systems and management
  • Learn how to plan the steps in data warehousing project
  • Acquire the knowledge to determine why there is an escalating need for strategic information
  • Read More
Our Business Approach Methodology

This MBS Data Management, Security and Warehousing service adopts a problem‐based learning approach, in which delegates or organizations are presented with a series of real problems drawn from the widest possible range of applications – they range from economy models to supply chain and logistics, from oil and gas to civil engineering, and from production optimization to financial risk assessment. Each problem presents and exemplifies the need for a different modelling or analytical approach. MBS entirely orients towards planning, preparing and executing Data Warehousing project, with the focus on Data Management and Data Security.

Impact on your Business

Data warehousing has become a mainstream phenomenon. When the companies properly manage, store and secure their data they gain incredible competitive advantage, however, it is not enough only to collect and store the data and put it under several layers of IT protection, as this approach usually ends up drying out the patience of stakeholders, clients and developers. In theory, an enterprise data warehouse can be extremely valuable to the sponsoring organization, but in practice one cannot be implemented quickly enough or at a cost that company executives consider reasonable. Read More

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